Oh Joy…Oh FUN!


I really loved the color combinations from Oh Joy’s Fall line this past month and loved how you could incorporate her black, gold, and sparkly paper fans into every part of your decor!  I thought it would be fun to hang them with your balloon fringe (to add a pop of color and shine) and then place them under your plates and cupcakes for some extra fun.  I can’t wait to to start setting my table using her winter line and seeing the different ways to incorporate all of her pieces!  Oh what fun it’ll be!!!

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Baby Franklin’s 1st Birthday!


Wow!! Baby birthday parties aren’t what they used to be!  Everyone really goes above and beyond and turns their child’s birthday into a huge production!  From the banner, to boards, and fancy cakes… these kids are sure lucky to have such loving parents!  My dear friend Shelly had a great 1st birthday party for her second son Franklin at her newly remodeled home and the weather was perfect for an outdoor celebration.  I loved all the little details on the cakes and loved the idea of framing Franklin’s pictures and placing them around the tables.  Everything was super cute and everyone had a great time celebrating!!



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Hot Chocolate FUN!


LA weather isn’t ready for hot chocolate quite yet…but we can start thinking about how to turn this classic drink into something fun and DIY friendly!  All you need are medium sized marshmallows (large ones work too) and miniature alphabet cookie cutters and voila- instant fun to your classic drink!  The marshmallows were so sticky that it was easier to put a little bit of cooking spray on the cutters so when you place them on the marshmallows they were easier to manipulate.  I can’t wait to invite people over and have some more fun with these little cookie cutters and see how creative people will get!! CHEERS!!





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