Weekend Trip to Colorado


Visiting Colorado in the fall is perfect because it definitely feels like the season…the leaves are changing color, the air is crisp, and it’s the perfect weather for some hot and steamy ramen.  From the moment we stepped into Uncle we knew it was going to be tasty!  It only seats about 30-40 people so you have to get there early to avoid the two hour wait.  We ordered two small plates the chilled tofu (with ginger, wakame, and soy vinaigrette) and the seared hamachi and we loved every bite.  We also heard the pork belly buns were yummy so we ordered those BUT also wanted to order the soft shell crab and fried green tomato buns too (next time for sure).  Now the main course, their famous spicy chicken ramen.  OMG! The broth was flavorful not salty (NO MSG whatsoever) and had just enough spice so it wasn’t burning our palette at all!  Next on his list…another restaurant in the works and I can’t wait to come back for that.






The next day I yelped and researched the best ice cream spot in Denver and Little Mans came up.  They also said the lines would be ridiculous so get there early.  It was really cute because they literally had a pumpkin patch on their lot so their customers could sit on top of the haystacks and in between the pumpkins.  Their strawberry ice cream was super creamy and I could taste the fresh strawberries in it.  It was pretty good- but I still love my LA shops the best!

Now onto some doughnuts…and guess which city they originated from?! PORTLAND!!? So far I’ve blogged about three places from this great city:  Salt and Straw, Stumpton Coffee, and Philz Coffee and all of these places were SOOO GOOD!!  Voodoo Doughnuts had crazy flavors along with some crazy lines.  We drove by one night and saw a two hour wait, in the freezing cold and decided to come back on a Sunday morning.  I thought since the Broncos were going to be on TV the fans would be glued to their sets and not waiting for some doughnuts!  As you can see from the picture, there was no line at all!! SCORE!! Unfortunately we were running late to our flight so we couldn’t order too many doughnuts but I wanted to try them all.  The two flavors we got were the grape ape and the no name (which tasted like a kit lat bar) with rice krispies on top.  That was my favorite!!  If you’re ever visiting Denver go and try all these yummy places, you won’t be disappointed!












Girls Night Out


As Jay Z says…”I love girls, girls, girls, girls- girls, I do adore,” and I do love these girls so we try to do a monthly dinner to catch up, but with everyone’s schedule it’s hard to lock in a date.  But when we do, we try to make the most of the night and grab drinks before dinner, during dinner, and after dinner too!  We tried a couple of spots in LA- one weekend was an 8 course Omakase at Orsa & Winston and another weekend was a tapas Peruvian restaurant called Picca.  Both were super yummy and it was nice just to hang out, relax, and enjoy each other’s company…all night long!



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Peddler’s Creamery

photo 2

Here we go again…another ice cream post!  This time we tried a local spot called Peddler’s Creamery located on Main Street in Historic DTLA.  Milady and I came after dinner and saw this bicycle that was connected to a wall and it seemed as if people were really “churning” the ice cream.  To our surprise, the customers were really doing the work because every batch is made from someone riding on their bike!!  We found out they even have a peddler’s club where you can sign up to pedal for 15-20 minutes to make one batch of ice cream and get one scoop for free.  That might be a good workout since all this research has been making my jeans fit a little more snug!!!

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